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Joly Red apple is one of the great agricultural products from the Netherlands, imported directly by V-Stars to Vietnam. To reach the consumers, the product has been searched and carefully selected about the origin and origin.

Europe is known as the land of the developed economy, the best quality of life in the world. Besides, this place is also the capital of architecture, unique culture, windmill fields like Hollywood movies in the Netherlands. Vietnamese agriculture is already very familiar to all people, but Europe's agriculture is a huge difference. Currently, the Netherlands is recognized as a country that applies special biological control standards developed to create the cleanest agricultural produce in the world.
Joly Red is a special kind of apple, dubbed the "European fruit". The Joly Red apple is the product of an agricultural collaboration between the Netherlands and Belgium, the result of finding a special apple suitable for customers who love sweet apples. Joly Red apples are grown in the Maastricht region, south of Limburg, the Netherlands. This is a mountainous, highland area with rich soil nutrients, cool climate with average temperatures from 1 ° to 3 ° C in January and 18 ° to 19 ° C in July are ideal conditions for grow the best quality apples and create Europe's leading sweet apple variety.
With the passion to bring the best agricultural products to the hometown, the fate with Joly Red Apples came during a visit of the V-Stars Board of Directors to the rich farmland, met honest farmers and witnessed firsthand the whole process of planting, harvesting, packing and preserving all ensure clean, fresh and delicious European standards. Seductive from its plump shape to striking reddish red and, importantly, the characteristic sweetness that perfectly matches the Vietnamese taste, V-Stars was determined to bring this mesmerizing apple back to Vietnam.
Strict adherence to Global Gap and BRC standards is recognized for global quality assurance. After harvesting, Joly Red apples are tested and certified to Eurofin - a European standard quality test certificate before being supplied to the market. The whole process brought from the Netherlands to Vietnam Joly Red apples are stored at 2-40C to ensure taste and quality.
Joly Red apple is currently only grown only in the Maastricht region of the Netherlands and with a prominent red color, it is easy to distinguish, ensures transparent origin and absolutely no similar apple varieties anywhere else. world.
Joly Red apples are grown and cared for according to Global Gap and BRC standards to ensure that the product is absolutely safe.

BRC Certified: BRC is a global standard for food safety established in 1998 by the British Retailer Consortium (BRC), suitable for quality control and food safety. This standard is accepted by more than 8,000 food businesses in more than 80 countries. The set of standards controls the supply chain of products from raw materials starting from seeding, planting, tending, harvesting and processing to delivery to the customer. Comply with up-to-date safety, manufacturing technology and it is important to provide a clear proof of origin.
Meets GlobalGAP Standards: Joly Red apples meet GlobalGAP standards, which means they are recognized for quality globally. In order to be certified, it is necessary to go through a strict operational control system (clean soil, safe water; disease-free varieties; care measures must be safe for users, recording all the production process, from seed to harvest), optimized, and at a substantial cost. The certified products will be easily sold and circulated in all markets around the world; In some countries, a product that meets the standard will have a higher selling price than a generic product.

Eurofin certificate: After harvesting, Joly Red apples were tested and Eurofin certified - a European standard quality test certificate before being supplied to the market.

- Joly Red apple soil is 100% clean

– Irrigation water is taken from a depth of 200m, with its own water reservoir and automatic sprinkler system. – Care: There are nets around the whole cultivated area, weeding by machine without using chemicals, killing pests by insect-eating insects that are raised and live at the stump. Plants are naturally pollinated.
- Preservation: Joly Red apples, after being harvested, will be washed and sorted by the most modern chain system in Europe. Apples after being packed will be immediately transferred to the cold storage 0-4 degree, low oxygen content for storage. This is an important criterion to ensure freshness and nutrients in Apples.
Apples are shipped by air or sea reefer container with a scheduled temperature thermometer during shipping. Coming to Vietnam, continue to be stored in modern cold storage systems with always guaranteed temperature.
Goods are exported from cold storage and transported by refrigerated trucks for delivery to customers so Joly Red Apple always keeps its delicious taste.