Avoid getting sucked into reading the text, use SQ3R as a way of helping you read more effectively. Postgraduate examinations are necessarily set at a high standard and the preparation required in order to pass any part of the examinations must not be underestimated. CAT is part of a National Programme which launched in 2004 and is funded by the Department for Education trainotech.in Music and Dance Scheme. CATs exist to identify, and assist, young people with exceptional potential, regardless of their background and experience, to benefit from world-class specialist training whilst living at home and staying at school. You are assessed throughout the year by the CAT team to ensure you are developing physically, technically, and creatively.

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Make a space in your room for work – that should not be the bed, as your brain will be confused whether you should be sleeping or working. Many students find the library is an ideal place to work, and find it anchors them into work mode. Remember that success is achieved through a few simple behaviours that are repeated daily.

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As you can see, it shows the different layers of the brain going from the base of the skull to the top. A CAT scan can identify the differences between the various tissues, showing bone, soft tissues, and other internal structures. CAT scans may also be referred to as CT scans, as they are the same thing. We can see many active areas of the brain showing up red in the normal brain patient, but a lot of low activity, blue areas in the Alzheimer’s patient, showing how the disease has affected the brain and its functions.


A useful approach to learning includes peer group learning and support (and a healthy dose of competition!). This comradeship is reassuring to have whilst going through a tough period of time prior to your examination. Consider getting together with 2 or 3 peers to support and cajole one another as you work towards the examination. It is also very important to allow yourself time for private consolidation and reflection of some topics as we all learn at a different style and pace. This is inevitable but bear in mind that some of us need to work much harder to attain a particular standard than do others.

Postgraduate Course: Veterinary Cardiology 2: Cardiac Diseases of the Cat and Dog (VESC

Discussion of a difficult concept is much easier and rewarding with colleagues who are in the same boat! It also provides direction for your SDL in areas that you may wish to consolidate in your private study. Examination orientated courses may be important to gauge the general level of knowledge required.

An area of the brain which is red/yellow in a PET scan image is an area of _____ activity. The dye accumulates in these areas indicating high activity and giving off positrons that are detectable by the PET scan. CAT scans are used to identify muscle and bone disorders and detect other conditions such as cancer, heart disease, etc. PET scans can detect cancer earlier than other scans, are mostly non-invasive and painless , and can aid the entire treatment course of diagnosing an issue and monitoring its progress. However, the injection is more invasive than a CAT scan, they take longer than CAT scans, and the dye can cause several side effects. For the same reason, they are also less invasive than PET scans, as there’s no need to inject a dye for the scan to produce an image. CAT scans are typically faster than PET scans, and you do not have to wait for the same time for any dyes to take effect .