How to choose whole raisins

Currently, raisins have become a popular dish every day in the family, can be used as nutritious snacks, baking, served with cereals …Therefore, to use regularly wise moms need to choose the right grapes and clear origin with some ways to distinguish and choose grapes as follows:

Distinguish natural raisins and industrial drying: Look at the sense that the natural dried fruit will be dry and detached, natural bright colors. Beam industrial drying products are often sticky and slightly wet in dark colors. Natural raisins should be used because this grape almost retains all natural vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit.
Common whole grapes:
Sun Muscat:
Sun Muscat’s raw raisins are rounded without seeds, reddish yellow, crispy shells and thick grape bile inside, sweet as honey.
Thompson’s whole raisins have a large fruit shape, yellow-brown color, rich sweetness with a characteristic aroma, flexible, soft and seedless grapes.
Crimson whole raisins have an oblong fruit shape, dark brown color, crispy chewy shell, inside the grape bile has a sweet, seedless plasticity.
Hope moms can choose the most suitable type for their family.