A golden time to drink milk according to life’s knowledge

Warm milk helps you feel sleepy and sleep more deeply. In warm milk contains tryptopan (an amino acid) to help you relax and fall asleep.


Effects of drinking milk in the morning and at night

• Calcium: helps strong bones and strong teeth, helps the body maintain the main skeletal system.
• Protein: good source of energy, helps build and regenerate muscle fibers, especially after a period of exercise.
• Potassium: helps regulate blood pressure at a good level
• Phosphorus: helps strengthen bones, and provides energy
• Vitamin D: helps the body maintain strong bones
• Vitamin B12: helps maintain red blood cells and tissues nerves
• Vitamin A: maintain the immune system, bright eyes, healthy skin
• Niacin: enhance metabolism. Should drink 1 cup of milk before training.

How to drink milk is good for health.
According to knowledge of life, milk is considered to contain many essential nutrients for the body and is an important part of the diet. Knowledge of life – Ayurveda also promotes regular use of warm milk for a healthy body. Milk contains a lot of vitamins A, K and B12, thiamine, nicotinic acid, minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus. There’s a lot of controversy about when is the best time to drink milk.

If we drink milk in the morning, make us active all day. Drinking at night will help you sleep better. However, Ayuvera’s knowledge of life also emphasizes drinking milk at night.

The effect of drinking milk depends on the time

– Morning: should not drink milk in the morning when the stomach is empty, or with eggs, high protein foods because it makes indigestion.
– In the afternoon: drink milk in the afternoon to help the elderly improve their health. At the same time reduce some diseases such as kidney stones, lime scale
– Evening: drinking milk at night is very good for the eyes
– Night: is the best time to drink milk, helping to reduce fatigue and sleep easily.

Drinking milk is a way to help you sleep more deeply for the following reasons:

– Drinking milk helps maintain the natural sleep process, because it contains amino acids, helps to increase the amount of melatonin in the body (known as a hormone that induces sleep)
– Milk is a rich source of calcium, plays a very important role. It is important to maintain strong bones. At the same time calcium is also absorbed more deeply when the body works less in the evening.
Protein is very useful for those who want to gain muscle.

About each different issue in your life, you will have a different perspective. Let’s take a look at some of the issues below, you will also have to consider.

– People with mild fever, poor digestion, sensitive skin, cough, diarrhea, and helminths should avoid drinking milk.
– People with lactose intolerance should absolutely not drink milk. Drinking milk in the evening will cause fat.
– Cold, fermented milk when finished with some unsuitable foods will harm your health.