Fruit is a source of food with high nutritional value, is an effective medicine to reduce the risk of disease for people.

Eating a lot of fruit will help the liver filter toxins in the body, avoid feeling heavy when eating too much indigestible or high-fat foods. In addition, fruit also has a laxative effect, contains many beneficial enzymes for the body. They are also rich in antioxidants, thus boosting immunity and preventing the aging process. Here are the effects of some common fruits:

🍎Apples: Contains pectin, which helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. Apple juice works to aid in filtering the reading, preventing gallstones disease. Apples cool the body temperature so they are very suitable for summer use. Apples also work to help people fight diarrhea.

🍌Bananas: Very rich in potassium, useful in reducing blood pressure in humans, bananas lubricate the intestinal wall, good for treating sores and ulcers on the body. Bananas are easy to digest, so they are effective against constipation, suitable for people with age.

🍉Watermelon: Not only cool, nutritious but also very diuretic. Watermelon contains many natural alkalis to cool the stomach, limiting the irritability in humans. Watermelon is the best beverage for those with kidney problems or urinary tract infections.

🍍Pineapple: Contains an enzyme called bromate that promotes the digestion of food. Pineapple is also a diuretic, lubricates the bile ducts, cools the stomach, prevents colic and bloating. In addition, pineapple is rich in manganese, which helps people avoid hematoma, suitable for people with heart attacks.

🥒 Cucumber: Rich in potassium that fights fatigue and muscle weakness. Cucumber juice has a refreshing effect, reducing the amount of acid secreted in the blood. Cucumber prevents the accumulation of uric acid in the body, so it is suitable for people with rheumatism. In addition, cucumber juice also has a cleansing effect on the face, suitable for women.

🍊Cam: Contains vitamin C and is rich in calcium. Oranges help fight colds, enhance immunity, are easy to digest, fight the feeling of flatulence, especially very good for children.

🥭 Mango: Is an effective source of vitamin A for the body. A medium-sized mango can provide enough vitamin A for the whole week. Vitamin A in mangoes is well absorbed and stored in the body.

Outward remittance:

Fruit should be eaten fresh for the best absorption of nutrients. Chew thoroughly before swallowing, for young children or the elderly should puree to easily absorb. Should be eaten immediately after serving because otherwise they will quickly decompose and lose effect.🍎🍌🌼

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